Here you will find a selection of the clients Ros has worked for throughout his career so far, as well as some of Ros' associations and memberships. The experience of working with such organisations and the knowledge acquired along the way have helped Ros become the music composer, producer and artist he is today.

HBO Asia

Ros has composed and produced the score for the episode Grandma's Kiss from season 2 of HBO Asia's horror anthology series “Folklore". The episode was directed by Billy Christian (HBO Foodlore, HBO Folklore) and produced by Mike Wiluan (Crazy Rich Asians, Hitman: Agent 47). Ros recorded the solo-violin parts of the score.

France 5

Ros has composed and produced the original score for the primetime feature-length documentary Les Enfants De Daech, which premiered on France's public television network France 5 (part of the France Télévisions group). The series recount the fates of children returning home from a war-torn Syria and Iraq and the psychological consequences they have to deal with.


ZDF are Germany's biggest TV broadcaster. Ros has orchestrated seven prime-time TV feature films from the popular German Rosamunde Pilcher franchise. The series, filmed on the UK coast of Cornwall, but also aired in many European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, regularly reaches five to seven million viewers.


Ros composed and produced the original score to ARTE's primetime feature-length documentary Paris Est Une Cible. Produced by PacPresse and directed by directed Benoît Bertrand-Cadi, the documentary features the November 2015 Paris attacks and recounts the events starting with the Charlie Hebdo shooting. A standalone version of one cue from the soundtrack was later released on streaming and download services under the title "Dawn of Hope".

Associations & Membership